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Friday, May 07, 2004

Hey. It's been a day or two--lemme jump back right into this blog with my latest stats on the Poker Stars micro tables.

NL $0.02
Hands: 3,696
Amount won: $62.64
BB/100 hands: 42.37 (this is misleading because a big bet is only $0.02)

Hands: 810
Amount won: $7.71
BB/100 hands: 9.52

I think I was running a bit hot today, but before that I had about an 800-hand cold spell. The $0.05/$0.10 tables are proving to be an interesting challenge. The strategy is a world apart from how you'd have to play on a real limit table, like $2/$4 or even $1/$2. You almost always get 4 or 5 callers even into a raised pot, and often 3 or 4 stick around until showdown with nothing! The result is that you get paid off royally when you hit a monster hand, but you also get sucked out on a lot.

I've got one hand that I've just got to share. It's a prime example of sub-intelligent play on the $0.05/$0.10 limit table.

I'm in the big blind with JJ. Under the gun raises and gets three callers before it reaches me. I re-raise, and under the gun caps at $0.20. All the previous callers call!

The pot is already $1, and the flop comes 8h, 5s, 8d. UTG bets, I raise (trying to feel out whether anyone's got the set of 8s), the guy to my left re-raises, and everyone calls. At this point, I'm pretty sure I'm going to lose the hand to a set of 8s or a full house, but with the big bets being only $0.10, I'm going to call it down unless two players start going crazy.

On the turn, which is 6s, the pot is up to $1.75. UTG bets $0.10 and I just call. Guy to my left goes all-in calling with his last $0.09. One player finally folds, but everyone else calls.

The river is Qs. So now, there are three spades on board, an overcard, and the possibility that someone's got a straight. Still, with the pot over $2, there's no way I can fold. UTG bets, I call, and the last player (who's not already all-in) calls.

You'll never guess what everyone had. I've broken the other players' hands down, complete with a grading system.

-Under the gun had 73 offsuit. Now, he had an open-ended straight draw on the turn, but his preflop calls were ridiculous--the equivalent of 2 big bets with the second-worst hand in poker! Also, he had no business betting the flop, let alone calling when he was re-raised twice! Grade: COMPLETE CALLING STATION

-The player to my left had KT offsuit. He was under the gun before the flop and he actually raised with this hand, then CAPPED when I raised back at him! On the flop all he had were overcards and a backdoor straight draw, yet he 3-bet! After that, he ran out of money and could only call the turn. Grade: OMFG, WHAT A NOOB

-The last player had Q9s. Okay, obviously an idiot for calling max raises preflop. Even dumber for calling a 3-bet on the flop with a weak overcard and backdoor flush draw. He had a gutshot on the turn and I think he was actually getting pot odds for a $0.10 call there, so that's not so bad. But here's the kicker: When he hit his Q on the river, he didn't even raise! I guess he might have been scared of the flush, but since he was calling raises the whole way with nothing, you wouldn't think that that would enter his mind. Grade: POSSIBLY THE WORST PLAYER I'VE EVER SEEN

One last thing before I head out: I got the job!


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