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Monday, May 10, 2004

It's been a couple weeks and I still haven't figured out a good way to "begin" each new entry in this blog. Iggy over at Guinness and Poker always opens with a quote, which is a great way to go. Ah hell, I'll just start rambling each time.

I got an email from a reader, JD, who runs his own blog, Cheap Thrills. Check it out--JD has some interesting stories about home games and his poker background. Extra cool--his wife is into poker as well, and the two of them had customized poker chips as party favors at their wedding. Now, if I could only get my wife into cards.... she'd be a great player, actually. There's a game called BS, where you basically "bluff" about which cards you're holding, and she's unbeatable. If I could get her to read some Sklansky and memorize a bit of the math, I'd have my own Annie Duke.

As I mentioned in my last post, I just found out that I got the job I was hoping for. I'll probably have to move up several levels in poker, of course, because I won't have the time to grind out $4 per hour at the penny tables.

My friend's fiance is having her bachelorette party in Vegas this weekend, and it's killing me that I haven't been there in almost a year. Next time my brother wins a big tournament, I'm making him buy me a ticket.

That's it for tonight. I got a request for some more commentary on the players at the penny tables, and I'll deliver tomorrow. Until then...


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