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Monday, May 24, 2004

All right, seriously, what gives? I started playing limit because I was tired of the swings in no-limit, and yet it seems that the swings are even bigger in this game! After I complained about being back to even the other day, I had two awesome sessions that put me back up 60 big bets. After a couple more rotten sessions today, I'm only up 30.

If you're interested in the exact stats, here they are:

Hands: 2,754
VP$IP: 14.52
Amount Won: $14.45
BB/100: 1.05

I guess if you were to take Mike McD's quote from "Rounders" literally ("Your goal is to win one big bet per hour"), then I'm right on track (I'm at about 100 HPH when I play 2 tables simultaneously). Of course, I'd rather be winning around 3 or maybe even 4 big bets per hour, and that shouldn't be out of the question.

One mitigating factor: I've only been dealt AA 6 times out of those 2,754 hands, and I've only won 3 of those 6 hands! By this point, I should have had AA 12 or 13 times, and my win rate should certainly be higher than 50%.

Ah well. I've got value coming to me. I should probably move up a level!

In other news, the WSOP (World Series of Portland) is ON this weekend. Should be a great game with a couple pros, a couple very enthusiastic amateurs (I include myself in this category) and very little (if any) dead money. Here's the logo I've been promising.

Sweet, eh? If you wanna play, email me. After all, you can't claim that you're the best poker player in Portland unless you win this tournament.


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