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Monday, June 21, 2004

Crazy weekend. Friday I went to a friend's barbecue after work that turned into a poker game. We were playing 9-handed, mostly hold 'em with a bit of stud thrown in for good measure.

Weird rules, though. $0.25 max bet, no check-raises, max 3-bet. $0.05 antes instead of blinds.

In other words, not the best game to try to beat. Those rules really equalize the field. Heck, one girl only folded TWO TIMES the entire night (and I mean seeing every hand to the river!), and she did better than I did.


As I mentioned in the last post, I've been killing the $0.50/$1.00 on Party Poker. Today I played my longest session of this new buy-in yet, though, and lost 23 BB. Here are my stats to date:

Hands: 1,092
VP$IP: 16.85
PFR: 6.96
BB/100: 6.33
Amount Won: $69.11

Not too shabby, but, as I mentioned I was KILLING the game before this last session. Win rate was over 11BB per 100 hands.

Of course, I'd be ecstatic to keep my win rate at 6.33, so I'm not complaining. And this session was ridiculous--I suffered two insane beats with KK, and was beaten by a backdoor two-pair (a first for me, I think) when I had raised preflop with AQ and hit a Q on board!

Just another beat to add to the list... I've been backdoored by a straight from someone who was holding pocket 88, a backdoor straight flush, backdoor quads, and now a backdoor two-pair.

In the words of Iggy, "Oh the humanity!"

Still, like I said, I'm pretty happy overall, especially with my stats. My VP$IP could be a point or two higher, and I'd definitely like to raise the PFR at least a point. But for now, things look good. I was watching my brother-in-law play $5/$10 today, and I would have played almost exactly the way he was playing, so that's encouraging, too. He makes shit-tons of money.

Time for bed. It's going to be another crazy week.


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