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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Wow. It's been a grip. I have played a lot of poker since I last posted. 4,656 hands, to be exact. Here's where I stand.

Last time I posted, I was "owning the shit" out of .5/1, which I guess is still true. Here are my stats (from Party only)

Hands: 6,020
VP$IP: 16.64
PFR: 7.31
BB/100: 4.5


At some point, I got a big enough bankroll to start playing 1/2. It was rough at first, but I think I've adjusted.

Hands: 935
VP$IP: 12.41 (that's too tight, but there is more raising on this level, so I play fewer hands)
PFR: 7.27 (I'm keeping my aggression up, at least)
BB/100: 8.08 (POWN!)

Heh. That won't last. But for now, it feels good.

One thing that doesn't feel good is losing at 2/4. I've taken a few shots at this level when I see known bad players there, but I haven't done well. The tables are looser than 1/2, though, so I'm anxious to move up.

Hands: 158
VP$IP: 15.82
PFR: 6.33 (should be higher... maybe I'm running bad)
BB/100: -8.75 (yuck!!!!!!)

Basically, I'm down 13 BB at 2/4, which is really nothing. Less than half of one buy-in. But still, it's $55!!!!!

Nevertheless, my roll is healthy, and I should be getting a fat rake kickback from my affiliate soon. Should be close to $100. Woo-ha.

I've really cut back on the sit and goes and multi table tourneys, but I did play one big $2 tourney on Stars the other day with a friend. He had played live tourneys before, but never one online. He finished in the top 200 (out of 1,700). I did pretty well, made it to 56th place before I stupidly pushed in with KJs in a blind steal. I got called by TT and didn't improve.

I had 24,000 chips at that point, but the blinds were something like 3,000 with a pretty decent ante on top of that. Not a terrible move, but I had a little more time. At least I moneyed.

I've been reading a ton of 2+2 and it continues to help my game immensely.

All right, that's it for now. One last thing: If you are thinking about signing up for Party, DON'T use my code! That's because it expired. If you interested, I can get a new code. Email me.



Blogger JD said...

I kinda skipped over 1/2 and went straight to 2/4 and so far it's going well. (Have you noticed that there are always fewer 1/2 than 2/4 tables at most sites?) The hardest part was getting used to the real-money ups and downs and forcing myself to think of them only as big bets.

July 30, 2004 at 7:03 AM

Blogger Dr. Pauly said...

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August 4, 2004 at 8:47 AM

Blogger Ignatious said...

i agree somewhat with jd. the jump to 2.4 is the way to go if your bankroll can handle it...

August 6, 2004 at 8:03 AM

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