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Friday, June 25, 2004

Unbelievable. This game is so wild. I've been on such a horrific slide--I lost 86BB probably in the last 500 to 600 hands... then I sit down tonight and win 40BB in 94 hands.

I was making "Sklansky Bucks," as they say, during the losing streak. Which means that my winning hands were getting drawn out by suckers.

Well, as long as the value returns to me in the end, I'm happy.

My current stats on Party since the re-buy.

Hands: 1,755
VP$IP: 17.21 (very high for me... but appropriate for this level)
PFR: 7.12 (getting better all the time)
BB/100: 2.82 (not too shabby)

This was an amazing session. Had AA 3 times on one table in probably 30 hands and they all held up. Also had QQ, but that lost!

I'm considering becoming a "bonus whore." Seems like I might actually be able to make some pretty good bucks that way, since I have proven to be a solid player after nearly 20,000 hands.

However, I'm somewhat loathe to jump from site to site--and I won't play anywhere that doesn't support PokerTracker.

Have you read that the Blogfather is taking a sabbatical? Well, in the meantime, you can certainly check out my humble blog for some poker content, albeit not as interesting.

If you've been reading for a while, you know that my brother and I hosted a little something called the "World Series of Portland" about a month ago. Well, we're having another tourney next Saturday that should be pretty fun. It won't be the "World Series," though. Only one of those a year.

All right, enough for now. Vegas anecdotes coming soon.


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